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Vinyl Flooring that Looks Like Wood

Many designers and architects have discovered the versatility of today’s vinyl flooring. And new high-resolution printing techniques that allow vinyl flooring to mimic natural wood have started a real trend in commercial indoor design.

If you’re considering opting for wood-looking vinyl, be sure to choose tiles rather than sheet. Printing for tiles is clearer, more detailed, and more vivid than vinyl sheet, since the full-color process is only available for smaller printing areas. In addition, premium vinyl manufacturers offer woodgrain tile in long, slim “plank” size, making the illusion complete.

Finding the right source is important; look for a manufacturer with a wide range of products, eco-friendly manufacture, and an international reputation. Vinyl flooring that looks like wood has everything for your project: the warmth of natural wood combined with the cost effectiveness, durability, and easy maintenance of vinyl!
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Choosing a vinyl flooring manufacturer can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make. The floor you select can pull together a building project, unifying the look of the space, or delineating separate areas. Better manufacturers will provide product lines in a wide variety of styles, shapes, designs, and colors.


Another criterion to consider when choosing a vinyl tile manufacturer is the company’s sense of environmental responsibility. Choose a company that uses recycled material in their manufacturing process, and that makes a 100% recyclable product.


Finally, a company that meets or exceeds standards for indoor VOC emissions and that produces products that score high for slip resistance is a conscientious company, putting a priority on safety.

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